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What to Expect at ABC

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Prosthetic Office Visit Expectations


This may be your very first prosthesis or a replacement. This guide will help you to better understand the process we will take to get you into a comfortable, well-fitting prosthesis. If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask your prosthetist.


VISIT #1: Evaluation and Casting

During your first visit we will begin by getting information from you. This includes your name, address, phone number, doctor’s name, your weight, height, medical history, and an assessment of your strength, activity level and goals. We will explain the prescription your doctor has written or discuss the prosthetic options available for you. Secondly, we look at your residual limb to check for any sensitive areas and any swelling. If there is substantial swelling, we may fit you with a

shrinker and send you home for 7-10 days until the swelling has reduced. A shrinker is a special elastic stocking that helps remove fluid from your limb. The shrinker must remain on your limb at all times of the day, even while sleeping. When the shrinker is being cleaned, an ace bandage or a clean shrinker should be wrapped on your limb.


If there is little or no swelling and no special circumstances, we will take measurements and/or a plaster impression of your residual limb. The measurements help us to ensure that the prosthesis will be fit specifically to your limb. We will also take measurements of your sound leg in order to match the final prosthesis to your leg.


VISIT #2: Test Socket Fitting & Dynamic Alignment



During this visit you will be fit in a clear plastic socket that was made from your plaster cast. We call this a check socket because we use it to check your fit prior to making the final socket. During your appointment we will adjust the check socket as needed to get the best fit for you. While you are walking between the parallel bars, we will check for the correct height and also change the alignment of the prosthesis. Changing the alignment means to make changes which will improve your gait or how you walk and will also give you the greatest stability and comfort.


VISIT #3: Fitting

Please allow yourself at least 2 hours for this appointment.


During this appointment you will be fit in your final socket. This fitting is primarily to check that the final socket fits as well as the check socket and to verify the alignment. At this time, you will also be educated as to the proper donning of your prosthesis and how to determine the correct number of prosthetic socks to wear on your residual limb with your new prosthesis. By working with a physical therapist, this process will be reinforced.


During this fitting, tracings may be taken of your sound side leg. The tracings will be used to shape your artificial leg to match your sound side leg.


VISIT #4: Delivery

During this appointment we will deliver your new prosthesis along with a supply of prosthetic socks. We will check that the socket is still fitting properly and make sure that you understand how to put on and take of the prosthesis and how to take care of your prosthesis and socks.


If this is your first prosthesis, you cannot expect to wear it continuously right away. We recommend that you wear your new leg 30 minutes to an hour after breakfast, after lunch, and after dinner the first day and increase this wearing time daily. You should check your leg often for any irritation or pressure areas. If this is your first prosthesis, we highly recommend that you obtain physical therapy to “reteach” you how to walk using a prosthesis. Your doctor can help you to arrange physical therapy or we can work with your doctor to help arrange it for you.


VISIT #5: Follow-Up

We would like to see you after you have used your prosthesis for a while to make sure everything is going well. Please make a follow-up appointment for 1 to 2 weeks after you receive your prosthesis so that we can check your progress.


At any time during this process, feel free to call our office with questions. We are concerned about your progress and will gladly answer any questions you may have.


Please keep in mind, while these visits are numbered, this is not necessarily the number of actual visits you may make to our office.  An initial prosthetic fitting can sometimes take 8-10 visits to get it right.  Try not to get discouraged if it takes you longer than expected to get to your Final Delivery Appointment.  Changes in volume, swelling, and skin irritation, along with many other unavoidable factors may delay your progress, but rest assured, this is completely normal and the professionals at ABC Prosthetics & Orthotics are committed to getting your device to you with the best fit possible.


Orthotic Office Visit Expectations


Your device must be prescribed by your physician and will be fit to you from pre-fabricated or sized stock items, or custom fabricated from a cast impression and measurements by a Licensed Practitioner by the Florida Department of Health.


Visit #1: Evaluation

During your first visit we begin by getting information from you. This includes your name, address, phone number, doctor’s name, your height and weight, medical history and an assessment of your strength, activity level and goals. We will  explain the prescription your doctor has written and discuss treatment goals and expectations. We will also work with you to understand the insurance regulations and process.


For pre-fabricated or off-the-shelf items, you may receive the device the same day as your initial evaluation. Although we attempt to have commonly prescribed devices in stock, it is not possible to carry all items. Your device may have to be ordered or it may take more than one appointment to custom fit the device to meet your needs. You also may have insurance which requires a preauthorization prior to delivery, and we are not always able to obtain this from your insurance on the same day.


For custom fabricated items, a cast impression and measurements will be taken during the evaluation appointment. These items will be used to fabricate your device in our state of the art laboratory. A fitting appointment will be made so you   know when your device will be ready.


Helpful Tips:

  • Bring or be prepared to discuss your case (prescription, x-rays, notes, names & phone numbers of other treating health care professionals)

  • Bring old braces and shoes for the evaluation

  • Wear loose fitting clothing (shorts are often helpful)

  • Compression Stockings must be measured in the morning

  • Scoliosis treatment requires specialized equipment-please notify us

  • when making your appointment


Visit #2: Fitting and Delivery

At this appointment, the device prescribed will be ready to be custom tailored to you and your needs and will be ready to take home. Most appointments will take about 1 hour. At the end of this visit you can expect to understand how your device works, how to clean and care for the device, how the physician has ordered the device be used, and have all of your questions answered. Observing your orthosis in use will allow the orthotist to optimize the fit and function of the device.


Visit #3 Follow up

Based on your initial evaluation (visit #1), a care plan will be discussed with you and scheduled. These appointments are scheduled as necessary to help you maintain your orthosis and keep it functioning for the full length of treatment. The appointments are often scheduled in coordination with physician, physical/occupational therapy session, wound care or other treatment appointments.

  • Please wear your brace to the office for follow up appointments


If you have questions or concerns in between your scheduled appointments or after your last appointment, please call the office so this can be addressed by telephone or altering your appointment schedule.


Pedorthic Visit for Therapeutic Shoes / Inserts


Step 1:  Initial Evaluation

When you come in for an appointment, one of our certified pedorthists will conduct a thorough evaluation of your feet. We’ll examine your gait, ask you questions to learn your daily habits, and measure your feet in every way they can be measured. We’ll even inspect your current shoes to determine wear patterns. Lastly, we’ll create 3D molds of your feet so we can create the perfect foot orthotics for you. If you have a prescription for shoes, you can make your product selection at this time, so that your shoes will be ready at the same time as your foot orthotics.


Step 2:   Fabrication

After we have 3D molds of your feet, we’ll create your foot orthotics. Using the molds and the information we gathered from your evaluation, we’ll know the size, shape and firmness your foot orthotics should be. Because we use a wide variety of orthotic materials, we can design yours so specific to you it will be as unique as your fingerprint.


Step 3:  Fitting & Delivery

When your orthotics are complete, typically 10-14 days later, you’ll come back into the clinic to see how they fit. If there are any adjustments that need to be made, we can make them on site in a matter of minutes, so you’ll be ready to walk out with your orthotics without waiting any longer.  If you ordered shoes, you will receive them at this time.  You will also receive a wear schedule during this visit.  Foot orthotics have a specific “break-in schedule” that is important for you to follow to prevent injury to your feet.


Step 4:  Follow-Up

A follow-up visit is included with your service. We'll schedule it approximately 2 weeks after delivery to be sure your orthotics are giving you the highest comfort level possible.  If you have any problems before this visit, be sure to contact us immediately to schedule an appointment sooner.


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