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Patient Stories


Age 24, Congenital Below Knee Amputation


I was born with two birth defects. My foot was amputated when I was ten months old because I was missing my fibular bone, the birth defect is called fibular hemomilia. I was fitted for my first prosthesis (made by Scott Saunders) when I was one year old (which sits on my dresser to this day). I was also born with only two fingers on my left hand, not quite sure what this defect is called, but I call it “fingerless.” I have never let these disabilities set me back! I started playing soccer when I was five and continued to play until the age of fifteen. My leg did fly off once during a game, probably was a hilarious sight for those who were watching. Soccer was my passion.


Over the years I have snow skied, ice-skated and water skied. There aren’t many things I can say that I can’t do because I try to do everything just like any other person, maybe just in a different way.  I love to mess with people that stare or ask me what happened to my leg. Some of the stories I tell them are that I was attacked by a shark or that my mom is crazy and got mad at me one day and cut my foot off. At the end of the day I’m comfortable in my own “foot!’

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John H.

Patient with hand and arm challenges

Scott and Chelsea are excellent sources of care, instruction, and professionalism. I have heard other artificial limb users talk of the poor care they have received with other prosthetic providers. I am very pleased with ABC and recommend them to others all the time.


Mother of Pediatric Orthotic Patient

I am so grateful to have found ABC Prosthetics & Orthotics for my daughter's brace.  We had come from another company and it was an absolute nightmare over there.  The staff at ABC made us feel like family from the minute we walked in the door.  I told her doctor that I'd never go back to the other company and that he should only send his patients to ABC.  Thank you guys for everything!


Pedorthic Patient

I was very pleased with Rebeca and the amount of time and detail she spent with me.  She asked me questions about my feet that even my own doctor has never asked.  My shoes and custom inserts were perfect for the first time in a long time and I know it's because of the attention she gave me.  I tell all of my friends and coworkers to come to ABC.

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