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Wear & Care Guides


AFO Wear & Care Guide

Arizona AFO Wear & Care Guide

Boston Overlap Brace (BOB) Wear & Care Guide

Custom Molded Orthotics (CMO) Wear & Care Guide

Diabetic Footwear Wear & Care Guide

HALO Wear & Care Guide

Immediate Post-Op Prosthesis (IPOP) Instruction Manual

Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis (KAFO) Wear & Care Guide

LSO/TLSO Wear & Care Guide

Prosthetic Socks Wear & Care Guide

Scoliosis Brace Wear & Care Guide

Shoulder Abduction Brace Wear & Care Guide

TLSO (Custom Body Jacket) Wear & Care Guide

Unloader Knee Brace Wear & Care Guide


Helpful Articles & Publications

ABC Amputee Education Guide

An Illustrated Guide to Upper Extremity Prosthetic Care

In the Face of Pain Handbook

Caring for Your Residual Limb

Amputee Traveling Tips

More Traveling Tips for Amputees

Effects of Limb Loss on Sexuality

Phantom Pain Relief Without Medication

Commonly Asked Questions for the New Amputee

Coping with an Arm Amputation

Coping with a Leg Amputation

Adult Amputee Trauma and Other Causes of Amputation


Links for More Information


--Amputation/Limb Loss--

Amputee Coalition of America

O& Resource List



ALS Association 

Project ALS




--Brain Injury--

Brain Injury Association of America

Traumatic Brain Injury Resource Guide

Brain Injury Society


--Cerebral Palsy--




American Diabetes Association

Children With Diabetes



--Multiple Sclerosis--

National Multiple Sclerosis Society

Multiple Sclerosis Association of America



Scoliosis Research Society



--Social Security / Disability--

Videos of Claims Process


--Spinal Cord Injury--

National Spinal Cord Injury Association

Spinal Cord Injury Information Center



National Stroke Association

American Stroke Association


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