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Why we LOVE what we do

The Orthotics & Prosthetics industry is a great career choice for those who enjoy the scientific and technical challenges of biomechanics. But what makes us LOVE what we do is about so much more. For our February blog post, we wanted to share with you what we each love about working in the field of this unique and rewarding profession.

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Scott L Saunders, C/LPO

Certified / Licensed Prosthetist Orthotist

The only reason I love what I do is the fact that I change lives. It never gets old for me, making people smile or cry because they are so happy with the work I have done. I can't think of a job that could be more rewarding than what I do, and I feel so blessed that I followed this career path. It doesn't matter if I'm working with a child or a senior, or anyone in between. We all deserve to be healthy and physically able to live a fulfilling and productive life. There isn't a single day that I don't go home with the satisfaction of knowing that I helped make someone's life better that day.

Eric BW

Eric Chen, MSPO, C/LPO

Certified / Licensed Prosthetist Orthotist

From the moment I was first exposed to O&P, it was "Love at First sight" for me. I've had the great opportunity & priviledge of helping to improve the lives of many who suffer from limb-loss, physical challenges, or pain. I remember working with my first patient who suffered a spinal cord injury from a motorcycle accident, giving him the ability to stand again and hearing him say with a delighted face, "Wow, I don't remember being so tall!" There's inexpressible joy when I recount the numerous children born with developmental delays or congenital limb-loss who I've fitted with functional bracing or prosthetic limbs and watching them excel year after year, and in some cases developing so well that they no longer need assistive devices!

Working with therapists, physicians, and family members to achieve the absolute best outcome for every patient has become a passion of mine, and I hope to always push the envelope of what's possible. I love my daily challenge of solving problems for people, utilizing newer technologies to make lives better, & encouraging patients to push forward when they feel like hope is gone. I love what I do, because every day I get to meet new people who constantly inspire me with their amazing stories of overcoming and achieving great things.

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Danielle DePompolo, C/LO

Certified / Licensed Orthotist

My first job out of college was at the Center for Spinal Cord Injury Recovery as a rehabilitation trainer. During my time there I was privileged to help a patient reach his goal of walking down the aisle for his wedding. As I sat in the pew that day, watching him conquer his goal, I thought how cool it must be to be the person who makes those braces and allows such a goal to become a reality. I ended up following that dream by becoming a Certified Orthotist.

Last year, that dream came full circle for me when I received a photo from a patient of mine. The photo was of my patient and his bride standing at the alter together, with him wearing the braces that I made. That is why I love what I do!

Jerry BW

Jerry Saunders, C/LO

Certified / Licensed Orthotist

I consider myself very fortunate to be in a profession that helps people to improve their ability to function, to make them feel better and to improve their lives.

The greatest satisfaction I've experienced came from receiving a handwritten letter from an 8 year old boy thanking me for the best Christmas present anyone could give him, the ability to walk again! I am truly blessed to be able to do this for my patients.


Rebeca Rodriguez, C.Ped, C/LOFA

Certified / Licensed Pedorthist & Orthotic Fitter Assistant

Every day, I come into work not knowing who I will meet or what challenges I will face. A few weeks ago, I had a patient who underwent a partial foot surgery due to an infection he sustained on the bottom of his foot. He has come along way since then; continuous rehabilitation therapy as well as wound treatments to allow time to heal and prevent further amputation. The patient was referred to me for a custom toe filler and shoes. He was very anxious and excited in his initial appointment to know that he will be able to walk again after being non-weight bearing for more than four months.

One of my favorite things about this field is being able to educate my patients on how to prevent wounds and infections and how I will be accommodating their needs. The look on my patient’s faces when they learn new facts about their feet is priceless. Explaining the treatment plan is critical. This was one of those cases. After the final fitting of his orthosis and diabetic shoes, he was extremely pleased and expressed great support and comfort. He was very excited to get back on his feet and had clearance to start work immediately. He was emotional and so happy, he hugged and thanked me for being able to help meet his needs and get him back on his feet. This type of reaction and gratitude brings me true happiness and I feel accomplished as long as my patients are happy, healthy and comfortable. This is why I love what I do.

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